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I have land for lease in Warren county,567 acres for deer hunting. camping spot but no water or power. your family and friends. price is $6000 dollars for entire season .I am a rabbit and hog hunter ,but only hunt after deer season closes. this land runs from long creek on Rocky branch Church rd. up to the stop sign at North Elam Church rd. all the way down it till the brick house on the right, then down Cronan rd. to the fence. This land is a mixture of 15 yr old pine and 25 + year pines and hardwoods ,pm me for more details
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this is good land to start a club on guys ,i have leased it for rabbit hunting mainly .a hog comes thru occasionally and like to get them after deer season closes. its not been hunted much in a few years, and the land owner wants it trophy managed, pm me for more info
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if you pay in on the deer lease you are allowed to hunt everything,i am just interested in rabbit and hog hunting after jan 1