Washington/Hancock Field Reports 2017

North East Hancock. Hunted Saturday. White oaks starting to drop. Saw a doe and fawn Saturday morning. 3 does and a lone fawn Saturday evening.


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Between Sparta and Milledgeville does , does ,and more does. Irma blew out a bunch of small not mature acorns that the deer been eating. What white oaks that have acorns this year are small and really have a couple more weeks till they are falling good. All of our water oaks or pin oaks are falling pretty steady but they too are smaller this year and not as many as past years. Crabapples about all gone however a few trees produced really well this year and still have a bunch still hanging on especially the higher ones. One tree inparticular i have hunted near three weeks in a row in the afternoons I have counted atleast ten different deer each sitting, all does and buttonheads. Persimmons have a few scragglers hangin on if irma and the coons aint knocked them down. Same goes for the muscidines and scuppernongs , not too many left. There seems to be alot of big horned trees this year , more than normal and I have found a few scrapes every week since opening weekend. I have also heard deer grunting the last two weekends in a row. Rutting activity seems to be picking up each week and should be right on time around first week of november where I am but if we ever get some cooler weather it might start a bit earlier. The bucks seem to have already split up from their bachelor groups according to my cameras and most all buck activity has been from 12am to 4am except for a few occasional small bucks right after dark.


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We planted a week ago (hunt just south of Linton) and from the mobile cameras, the plots are starting to come in.

Mostly does and young bucks on camera.
Seen 8 different bucks last weekend, scrapes everywhere. Had a spike dogging a few does Sunday morn. He was going as far as doing a roar. Only gonna get better!


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scrapes everywhere.many small bucks have started to show up in day light hours.the older mature deer are still moving in the middle of the night,and visiting scrapes in the middle of the night.this is at the cadiallac ranch on 22,just outside powelton.


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Chasing this past weekend by mature bucks. Had been seeing Young bucks dogging does, but Sunday morning, mature deer were in on it.
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Scrapes everywhere! Young bucks are behind does, big boys will appear soon. The doe I shot Saturday had a young 8 not far behind her in the thicket. This is outside of White Plains near Sparta.
Saw 8 - 10 different small bucks this morning. Some cruising others eating. Got a good one that showed up yesterday morning and yesterday at dark. Hunting a road that we planted running through an old clear cut with 8-10 years of volunteer growth
Saw (5) small bucks and took an 8 this past weekend. Small 6pt I saw was grunting all the way down the trail and had a 4 pt in tow.
If you were waiting for later you may be too late!!.......Bucks with broken tines, and wounds started showing up on trail cams three weeks ago........The wife had a good buck run across the road in front of her this morning, and evening nearly in the same place with nose to the ground!!!........Never looked up or knew she was about to run him over

Three days ago saw a buck with a small rack ran over just north of Sandersville!!........The Boys are getting stupid!!:bounce: