Watch Ebay for Discount Coupons

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He just a quick note to let you all know to watch Ebay for times when they will throw a 10 to 20% discount on items you may be buying. Yesterday they had a 15% off anything you put in your cart up to a $100 discount, which is just under $700 in merchandise and today they are having a 15% discount through certain sellers; however, you have to do your due diligence to insure you're getting the best price when they have it with only certain sellers. That being said you can get this Millenium Aluminum Lock on for around $130 right now after the 15% discount that is going on right now with this seller is applied. This seems to be something Ebay has been doing more often and I have gotten some great deals with it. I could have bought a new X-stand climber with seat/shooting rail attachment for a little over $118 yesterday had I not already had one. Just thought I would pass that along. Look under the section that shows where you bid to see where it says pay only $130.89 (Show me how),yianniswine,zwilling_j.a._henckels&rt=nc
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I take advantage of those eBay deals. I ordered a picatinny rail for my new rifle with that discount. Probably get another trail camera on the next one.