Water temps? Excitement temp?

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What is the water temp on your favorite fishing hole? Like to hear the temps in any lake any place in the state or country. What temp gets you excited this time of year to hit the lake? :flag:

Please mention body of water that your getting the temp from
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45 and change last time I was out.

Anything under 75, and I'm excited.

Haven’t been on the boat yet but hoping to soon.
Love that avatar! Crack open a Wisco Disco, and drink Wisconsibibly!

Dustin Pate

Water has been running in the mid-to upper 40's around here. Touching 50 here and there. Things start happening quick when it starts hanging in the 50's.
Any and all. There's always a way to catch something and they're all fun. I just change tactics and species but I fish year round and love it.


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49 to 53 last night on Sinclair. I don't guess I have a favorite water temperature range. I'm the less hardcore type who's more concerned with the air temperature and not being cold while fishing. LOL Last night (6:30 til 10:00) was pretty chilly, but we caught a few!


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A good 3-4 day long warming spell in Feb after it's been cold definitely gets my excitement level heading upward!
Im getting antsy myself and Im heavily considering doing a day or weekend boat rental just to go really get some extensive fishing in that isnt ona bank. My water tempature starts right at 53 to 55 degrees personally. But I usually gauge it by a week over 60 for a high and over 40 for a low early April.