Wayne county catfish tournament

Im returning to get some more of that money... Good luck to all and Im looking forward to the 4-5 foot level. Water is 75 degrees though so some of the big uns will be in the banks...First time we have a water level thats not outta of the banks so we should turn in some heavy weight
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Ricky i know you will be there. that tournament has treated you pretty good the last couple of years to say the least haha! i met you at the polygraph test site. my uncle and i got 3rd last year. looking foward to seeing everyone there!
Good luck to all. The river is holding around 2.3 to 2.6 and 80 degree water. Its gonna be interesting. The big uns are out of the holes. Hold him hook!!!


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Yea its low. Took out a j14 this weekend and some places read .09 all the way across on the dept finder. Someones could make alot of money with an ungrounding service this weekend with all the out of towners.