Wealth Based Detenion

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Mayor Bottoms is having a bite of a crime wave and homeless problem now
days. Seems the cite and release with no secured bail isn't working out so well for the city, and its attracting criminals
They’re hoping that if you see more homeless that you’ll be ok to pay more taxes to “help the homeless”.
Always look at their shoes!!! Don't give a dime till you see them 10 days in a row with the same dirty clothes and them same worn out shoes on. That was my standard when I worked in Forest Park, only one person ever got cha ching from me there.
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Well the City just issues tickets and when a person fails to appear in court the bench warrant is issued. That sounds kinda like justice however the bench warrant will go to the Sherriff department to be served so if you are a county tax payer you are now paying for the Mayors catch and release policy. She will also not pursue quality of life crimes