*** Week Eight Kill Thread (5/8-5/15) ***


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OK guys, here's your kill thread for the LAST WEEK OF THE SEASON. DO NOT....I REPEAT....DO NOT post a kill in this thread unless it's been killed between 5/8 and 5/15.

Please re-read the rules for posting pics of kills, etc below. I (and the judges) will be reasonable. But the rules are the rules. Please follow them.

** Each member will need to submit 2 pictures per kill. (More pics are needed for bonus points)

#1 -- Picture of hunter, turkey, and newspaper/phone. (make sure we can identify you. Make sure we can see that it’s an adult gobbler. (full fan or make sure we can see the beard in the pic). YOUR FACE MUST BE VISIBLE IN THE PICTURE OF THE HUNTER WITH BIRD. The gobbler must still be intact in the pics. If we receive a pic where it can't be made out that it is an adult gobbler, you will receive points credit for a jake...

#2 -- Close-up picture of the date for verification.

** Bonus Points...
Any gobbler killed that has an 11 inch beard or longer will earn 2 bonus points. 3 strands of the beard will be eligible for the longest part of the beard. All entries will be reviewed by the judges.
Any gobbler killed that has a 1 1/4 inch spur or longer will earn 2 bonus points. There will be some birds that earn you 4 points on top of your score.

Extra pictures will be needed to verify the bonus points (Close-ups against a ruler to show length or beard and spurs). Once you submit your bird for bonus points that is it...There will be no Pm's sent this year asking you for better pictures. You have 1 hour from the time you post your original pic to edit that pic...After that it’s set.