Weight Question ( Gold Weight)

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I don't have scales that can give me even an approximate weight so here is a simple question for you....

Compared to an ounce....how many quarters would equal 1 ounce ?

I have some gold splashes I wan to sell, but don't want to unless I have atleast 3/4 to 1 full ounce.


Also, since many places use "grains" to measure gold, 480 grains = 1 oz


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My office postal scale shows 5 quarters are exactly 1.0 oz.
Even checked 5 older quarters and 5 newer quarters and they both weighed the same.
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What I needed to know !! You fellers are ggrreeaatt !!
Bear in mind that if this is gold jewelry that you are selling that it is usually not 24 kt.If,for example it is 12 kt. then it is 50% gold.Just because it weighs 1 ounce it may not be a pure ounce of gold.


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also, the gold price listed on the commodity pages of most newspapers are in troy ozs., the postal scale measures avoirdupois ozs.,...........