Welcome all to the new Driveler#251

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Salad is what I had for lunch.

Mine had feta cheese instead and cukes out of the garden.
Evening, I snuck in a much needed nap.
Welcome home,,,,
Thanks Cmp, gotta leave again Sunday. Going to be in your state Sunday night and Monday, but head over to Ohio on Monday night late.
You seem a lot busier this year Chief
It’s been a decent year, Wy. However, I’ve done a few this year that I normally would turn down because of large gaps in the schedule of destinations in my region.

Basically, they are cities that are just further away than I care to go in a car, like the one next week in Grand Rapids, MI and Toledo, OH. I’m gonna do it this time though, plus I got my crew a raise effective on the one we just returned from. :)
Not open for further replies.