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Stinkin flies are on my porch today too. I do have 2 ceiling fans runnin on high that helps somewhat though.
Hmmm, no smiley @ top right on my phone. :huh:
I dunno nuttin 'bout no phones............ but you got a smiley anyway!:rofl:
Yeah, I think it’s different on phones than a desk top.

I like the other version of :cool: though.
Reckon how Nic is doin?
tryin to find a good tat artist close by that ain't booked til the first of the year. Know a good one in Mayretta but good god what a drive, once for a consult and then again for the tat. The gas would cost me more than the tat.

What Tat are you getting?
Any of you know what I can spray outside for flies ( house flies)? We got a billion of them hanging around on our porches! Nasty little suckers!
I could not remember the thing I put out over the years and it just now came to me......... get a "Striker", it has an attractant that stinks to high heavens and when they land on it, BAP, they keel over! I tried googling it, but nothing shows up like I had bought before...... facepalm:
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Been thinking bout getting another one myself. Wanna get how my mama signed everything in her hand writing.
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Sleepin boss back there listening to a seminar on taxes. I.T. lady just went back there and had to wake him up to ask a question. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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