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mrs. hornet22

Floor sweeper, dish washer
His friend just called and I told him boss was in a seminar, but he just got woke up so I'm sure he'll take your call. Call transferred.
A concept I drew up from various ideas. Now I need a good artist that can elaborate on it with shading and shadows and bring it to life.
Send me a pic and I’ll submit to Buck to see what he can come up with.
I told myself I wasn’t going to do a dang thing today. Just caught myself walkin all around the yard piddlin with odds and ends. facepalm:

Miguel Cervantes

GON Severe Weatherman
A Tattoo artist, my daughters fiancé, I think. :rolleyes:
I sent you a pm / conversation / secret coded message that you'll need the ring out of a box of cracker jax to decifer / morse code, or whatever they're callin a PM with this new fangled platform.
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