Went 3 for 3 on Hogs Sat. morning

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My setup was in ground blind that is between two food plots that have not been planted yet with a white oak flat on the right and burn area behind me. Was planning on watching a persimmon tree for deer, but the hogs showed up instead. Started hearing some grunting and squells about 6:40am. Shot the two smaller hogs right a 7am and then the larger sow about 7:25. Shots were between 12-14yds all pass thrus and furthest recovery was the sow at about 75-80yds. My setup is a Hoyt Powermax set at 65lbs with Black Eagle Outlaws and 100gr fixed blade Muzzy. Couldn't be more happy with the morning and now have some nice pork for dinner



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Nice shootin'!


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heck yeah!


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Dangit man way to go! My Saturday morning hog hunt was a bust. I had just finished a stalk on two does that weren't there when I got to where I needed for a shot and I gave up being sneaky and turned around just in time to see a hog busting off through the creek bottom. I probably would've seen him and been able to get on him if those dang deer hadn't distracted me!