Went target shooting and guess what?

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Was under our rifle muzzles? We had to quit after shooting about 75 rounds. One was 15 yds. in front of our muzzles and the other one was about 2 yards on the other side of my car which was 6 yards from the shooting bench. They thought we were their mother who went crazy when they called her.

We quit shooting and packed up and went home when we realized what had happened. Hope mama will take care of them. They could hardly walk. Maybe 1 or 2 days old.



I see some dark spots on that one,s Hocks. Any Rubs or Scrapes close by? Good Pict,s ...showed them to the Bride

That is truly amazing. Count yourself blessed to experience such an encounter with nature at the earliest beginnings of life. New-born fawns are spectacular. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing with all of us.


They are cool to find in the woods. Nice pics.
This happened up at the shooting range at woodruff scout reservation. It sat their all day till about dusk the mom showed up and took them with her.


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my daddy found two that was on the road that didnt have a mama,musta got shot,but he got them and raised them then turned them aloose and they actually survived,and when i was not born yet my daddys friend caught one for my brother and he always never left the house when he was little then when he got older he would leave then every now and then come back and would come right to you,we have it on video,one day it was raining and he come walking up from the dirt road and was in velvet and my older brother{was little then} ran out there in his underwear and he came right to him,his name was fred