Were you able to harvest plenty of deer for meat


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despite the reduction in either-sex days the past few years in most counties?

Or did the reduction in 'doe days' hurt your ability to fill the freezer?


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Had a successful year. Harvested two bucks one opening of Archery, one November the 8th a Doe and a Buck that's at the Taxidermist. Seen deer every hunt that I went. Now this year could be different but last season was Great!
I have had no trouble getting meat. I usually shoot bucks for meat and leave the does alone to make more bucks for future meat, unless I'm hunting in an area with a high deer population. One area I hunt a lot, we have noticed a world of difference since we mostly stopped shooting does altogether.


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Yep. Got plenty. I got one and the wife got one.


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Did not see any change. Spent 2 weeks of vacation in Ga. at different times, killed 10 does. Saw plenty of bucks but did not see any of the kind that I wanted to shoot.
Shot one big doe and realized that I don't have much freezer space. Had to pass on two does the next week because I didn't have anywhere to put them.

That being said, I saw a lot more deer in the woods than I normally do.
I must eat more venison than most. I shot 4 and my son 1, and I'm already out of backstrap, jerky, and cube steak. I do have enough burger to get me to September.


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Bucks are for meat, does are for making fawns.
I shot 2 fat bucks for burgers & 2 knot heads for the grill. Even the ham steaks are tender.
And of course we let the grandkids shoot deer also. Each got a fat spike. Well one got a nice 4 point. He was proud of that big 4pt. 3 year in a row he's got a 4pt.
We also seen plenty of does. Should make a lot of bucks for the up coming season.


This past season I hunted 39 days, 61 morning and evening hunts, saw 218 does, 145 bucks, and shot 2 does and 1 buck. Every hunt had multiple sightings. Yea, a lot were the same deer, but we have no shortage here.

I could have killed my limit the first 2 days of the season.