West Central Illinois (a few pics added below)

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Jim Boyd

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Hey Folks –

I have a 40 acre farm in west central Illinois that I am going to be looking for an archery hunter. This farm is close to Pike county - it is in the right neighborhood.

This will be exclusive archery rights. Farm has not been shotgun hunted in 5-6 years.

It is bordered by a lightly traveled gravel road that makes a 90 degree bend at one corner of the farm.

Farm is about 50% timber and has two creeks – one runs the length of the farm E to W and one runs the length of the farm N to S. Farm is surrounded on all sides by massive ag. The timber is mainly along the creeks. The farm is a connector to big timber on the east and west with, again, big ag north and south. Farm keeps water at all times, as there is a small pond there also. Some trees can be climbed but this is typical Midwest trees for the most part. They are plenty mature, however. Ladder stands and lock on’s are generally the order of the day.

The tillable is largely in two sections, with crops along the gravel road. The other tillable is in the bottom ground (35-40’ of elevation change, I think) and is basically two fields divided by a fence row. The fence row has a dim road along it and makes access into the center of the farm very easy and nice. There is also a tree lined fence row along the other side of the farm.

No cows and the honeysuckle has really grown up in the woods making the undergrowth nice and thick.

I have been on the farm for 7-8 years now and have seen one other hunter once… on the farm to the east.

I have added two other farms close to where I stay and the trip to this farm is just a bit far from me – about an hour one way. I have hunted the farm 1-2 days per year – and several years, I did not go at all.

This is not a lease nor a sub-lease. I will carry the insurance and the paperwork and you will hunt the farm.

The farm has multiple parking spots and multiple entry points. I have 4 stands there now and may leave them in place. Two of them need to be moved; I dropped one last month because it was biting a tree and the other needs to be moved because it is too close to the trail…

The cost is $1600 - i know this is relatively expensive but it is a known farm with good deer and low surrounding pressure. There are no unknowns that often ruin a long distance trip.

Finding a hunter is easy – I intend to find the RIGHT hunter. I am attached to the family and do not want ANY “situations”. Short of that, I will simply pay the lease fee and hunt the farm alone.

The farm is private and secluded. I have had stands and cameras there for the entire time I have hunted it and have never lost anything. Have never had a trespasser on cam either and I run 4-6 every year.

This aerial shows the general square shape of the farm and how the creeks lie.

If interested, text me - tell me your name and your GON name and I will send you pics.

Many thanks,


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Jim Boyd

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No surprises when you arrive to hunt.

Thanks Dave!

No surprises is one of the best things about this farm. All too often, we hear “well, I was really pumped up but when I got there, __________________ happened”.

You can fill in the blanks and most things that start like that are bad.

This farm has 150’s every year and I have seen 160/170 at the farm.

I had an odd work day today and am behind on messages but will try to get caught up in the am.

Thank you, folks - for looking.


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Nothing wrong with 40 when it's the right 40. That looks great Jim
Biggest buck I ever shot in my life is the one on the left side of my avatar. Shot him on 35 acres in Illinois, 14 points. Sure do wish I still had that property. Good luck Jim...wish I had the funds right now but just paid up my lease in Georgia.
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Jim Boyd

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A deer does not know that the farm is small acreage.

Property boundaries are not in their equation.

I have said this to a few others - I have a decent amount of Midwest acreage to hunt but if I had only one day in a particular year to hunt, I would go directly to this farm.

Appreciate all the text and pm messages. Working hard to get back to all that have reached out.