West Point Crappie any advice

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We are fishing West point this coming weekend. Any advice on where to fish and what we should use for catching some crappie or if anyone knows what's working best right now.


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Find some shoreline with submerged wood, they'll be on it. Especially if you can find some that's close to a creek channel. I fish yellowjacket creek mostly, but I'm sure you would have luck in any of the main creeks.

I've been wearing them out throwing jigs. I've had success with several different colors, but pink and green combo plastics have been my favorite.

I took my wife out yesterday evening, they were a little tight lipped with this little cold front but we still caught several with minnows on a cork. I had a bunch slap at the jigs but it was tougher to get a hookset than it has been. Still a good day though. I'm sure you'll be able to connect with a few.
Cork, small split shot, #6 gold wire hook, and minnow around brush and downed trees in 2' - 6' of water.
Drop anchor within casting distance and keep moving until you find the fish.
Use a small cork and adjust depth accordingly.
Sometimes, some brush piles have bigger crappie on them. So if you cointinually catch small fish move, too.

Good luck!


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Caught these in a 2 hr trip this morning all on jigs in shallow water , yellow jacket creek , just look for the boats , seen 9 this morning on a 300 yd bank , bank fishermen are starting to catch them also , I was using a cork just pitching and slow retrieving about 3 ft deep, they seemed to be biting any color but most were caught on this , good luck , may see u out there 943C778C-2C38-4A2F-8067-E41699900D0E.jpeg 79CDEB0C-1A3D-4852-B11B-5E77127C6C1D.jpeg


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Caught a couple good messes in beach creek the past few days also , but I’m sure they are being caught all over the lake