Western KY rifle lease in Crittenden Cty

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Rifle season lease on approx 600 acres with lodging included in western KY. Half of lease is planted agriculture with remaining in huntable timber and should be planted in corn this year. Maximum number on lease will be 4 for the entire rifle season, you can hunt all at once for the entire gun season or break it up and hunt two first week and two hunters the second week.Lodging is a brand new cabin with kitchen,shower, washer/dryer(You can take your wife if you care to as this place is nice!). There is a four acre lake in front of cabin for fishing during the midday. There will be planted food plots this year in a few areas. Property was not gun hunted in 2018.Minimum on buck will be 130" and does can be taken per KYDNR guidelines. This will be a self guided hunt with stands provided by lessee. We will be hunting another property within a few miles of this farm at the same time and can assist with questions but other than that the hunting will be up to you. Property lines are well marked and posted with a gated dead end road leading into property, no worries of drive by hunters bothering your hunt.

Lease for the two week rifle season with lodging is $12,000

Web link to more info and aerial

Contact info for above lease is at link above as I do not visit this site that regularly. Also have bow hunting spots available at another tract within five miles of this farm available.

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