What’s wrong with me?


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My drive home from work at night (10:30) is a quite peaceful drive of about 30 miles of State road. My thoughts often wander, and at times becomes susceptible to invasion apparently. My thoughts turn to my wife of 4 years, and they are not good thoughts. “Why do you do this, when She just does that?” “You deserve better... “ Remember when She did that?” “ She will never change,”... I’m being bombarded with such thoughts, which grow twofold within 20 minutes.
By the time I arrive home, I’m talked into writing these thoughts down, which I do, thinking they are somehow valuable. Leaving the letter on the desk in the office at home, My wife apparently read it, and I woke up she was gone, choosing to sleep in the other bedroom. We don’t speak for the first hour of the day, and she’s crying off and on. She then apologizes for being such a disappointment as a wife, and My dumb butt feels about a half inch tall. Why do I allow the enemy to do this to me? I know I need to keep prayed up everyday, but lose motivation to pray on an everyday basis...I lose sincerity and interest in praying, but know I HAVE to don the Shield of Faith....anyone else being devoured by the enemy? Or am I just in need of mental help?

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Pray WITH your wife every night.Make a prayer bench at the foot of the bed.Kneel and hold hands,pray out loud,let her hear you lift her up and asking guidance.

As for thoughts invading,as my Pastor says"you can't stop a bird from flying over your head,but don't let it build a nest there."


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I will be in prayer for you, Dialer. I understand completely. If I had a dime for every time an unwanted thought popped in my head, I would be a millionaire. You are not by yourself, I assure you.
Make a list of all her good traits and qualities. Leave it for her to find. Make a list of your faults and your shortcomings and study it on the way home. Maybe you'll begin to see her for the blessing she is.