What a mixed bag weekend.....

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So with the beautiful weather and no exams this week I decided to hit the water.


Started out beautiful with a nice 14in hooche brown. The day would go on to produce some little bows and even a couple bluegills. Though the most notable was seeing a pig of a bow 20+in sitting in some slack water under a log just lethargic as all can be. After throwing everything in the hopes of enticing him and getting refused I looked at him for bit in admiration and called it a day.

Got back to the Jeep and she wouldn't turn over....... Fuel pump problems. Second time this year.


Seeking some river time to blow off steam about the fact I am facing another couple hundred in repairs I decide to lick my wound on the hooche. Borrowing the fiancée’s corolla I took off to familiar waters.

After getting a few nibbles and no fish I decided to call it a bum day. After seeing some little bows holding on shore under a tree I put on a caterpillar pattern and proceeded to see what I could scare up. A nice tight loop would ensure I missed the branch but a gust of wind would put me in the tree. After attempting to save my fly with no luck I gave up and just broke off.

Getting back to the car and breaking down my gear I noticed I was missed the entire top section of my rod. It seems that when I was breaking off the line caught the top of my rod and just pulled it off. After hours of searching I gave up. Got to call Loomis today and see about getting a replacement section.... oh and wait to hear from the shop about the damage on the Jeep.

When it rains it pours.

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That just ain't right, I didn't know we were kin.:rolleyes:How many piece rod were you fishing?Also, was the river dirty from the storm Thursday night? I fished a farm pond Friday (see Pic in Freshwater Thread titled "Fayette County Yesterday" posted Friday). Sorry about your weekend.
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It was a 4-piece rod. Friday the hooche was semi-blown out but it bounced back fast. I think it started at a turbidity of 80 or more and then got down to 20ish by late that night. By saturday am it was at 11 and then 3 by sunday. There was a lot of people fishermen on Sat/Sun so I am sure the added pressure didn't help me at all.

I am a true believer in the fact that bum days fishing keep me coming back. They make me rethink my fly selection, technique, etc. If everytime I went it was a 30 fish day I would get bored fast.... at least I think.

injun joe

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Agreed. I fished monday evening with my bil at Powers. Caught about 4 in an hour and a half. I knew the fishing gods had smiled on me way too much the last couple of weeks.It's noot the fish we're always after anyway.


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Yup,just being out in the water is good. Last two trips to Cochran Schoals have been fishless. But that sure beats sitt'n at work!
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Yeah they told me to send it back and the warranty will cover it. Hopefully that is true and if it is then I will be a happy man.