What are you known for?

I can vouch for this ^^^^^^
I think he's at battalion strength now.
that Samsam loves to catch some fish, doesn't he?

I think catching those live bait shrimp by hand was about as much fun for him. lol
that top knife is amazing Nic
One of the few that still belive a handshake is your bond.


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I find that of those things I was once known for, have dwindled, having somewhat lost my own identity since kids. It gets lost in their life
Pappy gonna do

Grandma got rund over by a reindeer


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I'm known for mostly keeping to myself, I don't drink take drugs or run around on my wife so most folks think I'm weird to begin with which suits me fine..But I will help anyone who is down and out or needs a favor..Actually, the more I know about people usually just makes me think more of my Dog..