What buck are you after this year?

I don't have any real monsters yet. One good 3 year old, and one 4 or 5 year old that I'll shoot but he's mediocre at best. I have a couple that made it through the season that I've not gotten pics of yet.
I don't think I'm going to shoot any does this year. I had to shoot too many last year, both here and out of state. I'm still loaded. Bummer too cause I like shooting the swamp donkey does.

Jim Boyd

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Looks like theres another wide 8 in my future ?
Theres also a 11,10 and 9 pointer just as big but just a little narrower. Them and a few more are hanging in my neighborhood spots. Every spot has big bucks. I expect its like that all around 285 ?
I've been corn feeding this one for several months fattening him up. :)
Looks like he'll have a real skinny rack ?
What will he score ???? My guess 135 net ?
A fine one.

Yes, 130+ IMHO
Have history with all three of these. The 8 in the first picture was seen by both myself and my dad last year. Dad had him around his stand for 30 minutes last October. I am pretty sure the 11 is another deer I played cat and mouse with a couple times last year. The funky rack buck was a deer I was really after last year. He had a huge dagger on that side at the time. This year it has morphed into what almost looks like a double beam.. Can't quite tell.

WGI_0342.JPG WGI_0346 (1).JPG WGI_0184.jpg


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Last year. Came face to face with him at about 30yds but he made me before I got a shot. Hoping he grew some more this year.


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I can my deer so I'm looking for one that will fill my mason jars.
I got bucks this size coming out my ears. I know there are some bigger around, but nothing has shown. I know the one buck missing brows is 4.5...and I need to see one of the bucks drinking from the water to know how big he's gonna be...but nothing that makes my heart race yet. Screenshot_20180807-103107_crop_572x443[1].jpg Screenshot_20180807-103045_crop_719x576[1].jpg Screenshot_20180807-103302_crop_591x429[1].jpg


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Y’all have some beauties to get after!

I’m after the buck that eluded my son and I in a high gap and associated bench in the CNF in Fannin county. Nothing to brag about horn wise but he is a ridge runner that lives in some of the highest loneliest deer country in the state. Either him or the first racked buck that shows up.

As an aside I predict some real top end deer this year since all this rain has the range in great shape.
I got a few good ones on camera this year. I am due, i haven't killed a good buck in a few years now. Kris i know you will come through with a good one. Good luck to you.


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Trying to get some more intel on this guy. Hopefully I'll have a better idea of his comings and goings in a month ;)