What Critter Will Dig Up A Yellow Jacket's Nest?

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Presumably to eat the larvae?

Have one around the corner from the house in an empty lot along a dirt road. Nest was in a red clay bank right by the road. Some critter with sharp claws dug a nice round symmetrical hole with obviously sharp claws. Left roots intact going through the hole so that makes it obvious that the hole was not made with a shovel.

We have skunks, coons, opossums, foxes and coyotes around.

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I've never really heard of a raccoon digging up a yellow jacket nest, but skunks certainly do. Skunks are the top natural predator for yellow jackets...they commonly dig up the nests and eat the larvae.


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Foxes dig them up if im not mistaken...


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I saw on Wild America one time, they showed a grey fox digging up a yellow jacket nest for the larvae. What was neat about it, the fox fanned his tail out and had it covering most of his back while digging and the yellow jackets were going into the hair on its tail. There could be other critters aswell that dig them up.
Bears and skunks are the main things that dig them out around here.
I wish we had more dilla's, coons, skunks, and foxes.....
I was reading about bears the other day so I could look for their sign where I hunt and the article said that a yellow jacket nest is a bears favorite things to get into to find goodies. So I say it was a bear diggin up some groceries.


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Uh......yeah. No 'dillas up here. I've never heard of any north of I-20
I'm in Athens, a good bit north of I-20 and you can see the flattened dillas on the roads all the time. It's getting more and more common. I've seen one a little north of Dainellsville also. I use to think seeing the ground hogs around here was wild.