What handgun will you use this year?

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I know I will be carrying my G40 most of the time in addition to a long gun. I also will get my .44 mag Redhawk in the mix as well as my .357 max single shots.
What are your plans?:shoot::shoot::shoot:


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A model 29 s&w .44mag with 2x leupold

A contender 6.8spc 4x scope and 110gr tax

A encore pro hunter 7mm/08 2.5x7 scope 139gr sst


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Big BAD 6" Full Lug GP-100.

Same as the last 15 years. ;)
Haven't had an opportunity to use my G20 with a factory 6" barrel on game yet, so it will definitely be on call.
I hope the old favorite 8" .357 doesn't get jealous


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Ruger Super Blackhawk 6 1/2" barrel .480 Ruger and a Sig 1911 10mm


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Bought the S&W Shield 9mm with the $75 rebate recently. I bought 500 rounds of ammo so I need to go break it in.


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S&w 629


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Realtree Colt Anaconda with factory 2x7 Redfield loaded up with Hornady 240 grain XTP's over a healthy charge of Blue Dot.
Will be using my .45 Colt Ruger Blackhawk - Iron Sights -
with Buffalo Bore 260 gr. JHP (1450 fps) for deer and the bigger 325 gr. LFN for bear.

These new Pachmayr grips should help on the recoil a good bit versus the stock walnut grips I just replaced.



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I am also going to use a Sig M400 pistol .300 Blackout with a Thunderbeast suppressor attached