What handgun will you use this year?

G40 MOS 10mm Auto
-Vortex Venom 3moa reflex sight
-Ghost Pro 3.3lb connector w/ competition spring kit, additionally w/ polished internal trigger parts
-MGSL (Match Grade Slide Lock)
-KKM match barrel (AlTiN satin black coating / treatment, additionally, per my request to KKM (Thanks, Cy!), this barrel has been properly throated to work with my extra wide WFNPB bullets by Montana Gunworks (.402") with the proper amount of freebore to allow perfect feed and accuracy from these loads.

Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter .44 Magnum
-lighter trigger spring replaces the stock spring
-cylinders have been trued to within .0005" of each other for consistency
-barrel was firelapped by yours truly
-FO front sight (green)

Fusion Hunter 10mm Auto (custom built longslide 1911 by Bob Serva @ Fusion)

G29 (Gen 3)
-Ghost Pro 3.3lb connector w/ comp. spring kit
-Ameriglo FO sight set
-should have MGSL by deer season for this pistol, as well...

I hope to get myself some venison with one of the above firearms, as I try each and every season.

Good luck, all! :smash:


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Either my 1911 in .45 or a wheeleygun if I find one for the right price before deer season opens up. .45 does a good job on smaller deer and hogs.


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Don't know if I'll actually use it, but I'll be toting my American Classic 1911 in .45 as backup. I'll be on public land some so you know...got to watch out for big 2 legged critters too.

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I'll be using my Taurus 44 mag and she's goana be using her Ruger 44 mag!


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460 S&W XVR
454 Ruger Toklat
44 mag Ruger Super Blackhawk Bisley Hunter
I generally carry one until I make a kill then return it to the safe and break out one of the others. Every since I put an Ultra Dot on my 460 its been hard "not" to carry it to the stand!!!
Ruger Redhawk 41mag with SWC handloads. I like a blood trail


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My latest acquisition will be going with me this fall. Ruger SuperBlackHawk Bisley Hunter 41 mag. 210gr XTP. Group is at 40 yds. I'll adjust the POI later.


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The same six inch 686 I've been strapping on since 93' But I can hit at coke can with it at 35-40 yards so I reckon it'll work. (25-30 is my max for deer tho...bleeds too much energy past that)