What handgun will you use this year?

I'll be carrying my .44 Super Blackhawk Hunter that my wife and daughter bought me for my 44th birthday last March. I loaded up some 240 grn Hornady XTPs with 23 grn, 23.5 grn, and 24 grn of H110 yesterday and tried them out today. The 23.5 grn shot the best at 50 yards for me (minus the flyer). Super Blackhawk Hunter.jpg


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Ruger SBH .44 mag, 7.5" stainless shooting Winchester 240gr jacketed soft points. I'm hoping to get my first with a hand gun this season.
Ruger SRH .44 mag with a 7.5" Stainless barrel. Couple that with a Nikon Force 4-12x and loaded with Winchester white box 240gr SP's.

I have been wanting to take this bad boy out for 2 years and I am committed to doing it this year!


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I rotate but all 3 ready to roll.

6.8spc Contender 110gr TSX
Model 29 240gr XTP
7mm/08 Encore 139gr InterLock


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Encore in .338 Federal amongst several 10mms and a .480 Ruger
SBH 7 & 1/2" WITH A Tasco red dot, really a Tasco. Old thing is tuff. Had it on a 10 gauge NEF turkey gun at one time. Need to drag out my Security Six and kill something with it.
Going to start with an Encore with 15" 338winmag barrel for my stands with a potential long range shot. For the short range stands it's going to be a Contender with a 15.75" 41GNR#2 barrel.
Will be using my .45 Colt Ruger Blackhawk - Iron Sights -
with Buffalo Bore 260 gr. JHP (1450 fps) for deer and the bigger 325 gr. LFN for bear.

These new Pachmayr grips should help on the recoil a good bit versus the stock walnut grips I just replaced.
Worked out very well Saturday morning. I have owned that pistol for 31 years and finally drew blood with it. Lung shot went clear through. 7 pointer with not very impressive antler growth. Good for behind my house though.

Iron sights at about 25 to 30 yards.



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Got a kill with the Contender .357mag. Swapping to the 7mm TCU barrel with my own cast boolits now. Hope to take one with it also.