What I did with the peas

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Now this didn't turn out bad at all :cool:

Peas from garden, oinon from garden, carrot out of fridg;)
Oinion and carrots chopped and sauted with butter and bacon bits then added peas for just a bit then added water to cover , boiled just till peas got a bit tender. Cooked some noddles combined all in bowl added mayo a touch of hot sauce salt and pepper and there ya go. To make it fit here on the photo forum mushed a shot of the finished product :D


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You guys know I do this to just torment and make HOSS HUNGRY ::ke::whip:

Venison stew meat and gravy ( just wish I could make it taste as good as my granny use to make :banginghe ) Biscuts not quite from scratch used Bisquick but think I should have let the dough set a bit longer and not cooked them quiet so long but over all it tasted pretty good :biggrin2: