What If.....


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Im from down that way and never hunted a bear while there but I am currently on Vancouver island in British Columbia.
Here, we have bears. No shortage of them. In fact, we have the highest concentration of black bear in the world. This island is about 200 miles long and 50 at its widest point. Our black bear population is about 12000. Yes, twelve thousand.
Our bears are also very large. A 600 pounder is common.
Though I didnt manage to get one this past fall hunt, I will be going out again for the spring hunt. However, I have helped others pack a bear out.
We first cape it and leave head and feet attatched then quarter it up. After quartering, cut out bone because bone causes the meat to spoil quicker and of course, add a lot of weight. When treking up a steep mountain side, it makes a huge difference. Packing out an elk or moose is very different. But when sliced and diced properly, a solo hunter can carry out a smaller bear easily.
Often, we park trucks or atvs on the lower sides and hunt upward... when possible. In the untamed wilderness of the mountains here, it aint always so. Particularly when snow is deep. One guy I know took 2 trips to pack a 450 pounder. He hiked it up and out approx 3kilometers or about 1.5 miles. Hard work and colorful language got him through.
If you cant park below the bear, at least shoot from below. Nothing worse than having hike down to track then pack up. He will fall and if you are below him you can watch him.