What is it?.....UPDATE.....PROOF.....New pic Added...

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A buddy of mine got these pictures a couple of years ago on his trail cam, needless to say we were all very shocked when he got back to camp and we looked at the weeks pictures.

These pictures have been on my laptop for 3 years now and I've just figured out how to get them off and loaded on my office computer so I could post them here and see if you guys can tell us what it is.

I've attached some other photos for size comparison. I don't think it is a bear, but then again I'm have no clue what it is.

I do know that after these pictures were seen nobody would stay in their stand until dark and nobody would leave to go to their stand until it was well after daylight.

I was kind of leery about putting it on here with all the Bigfoot bashers, but I don't know how else to explain it. The pictures are from Wilkes County down around Tignall.

*****Pulled card from camera yesterday afternoon, we now have absolute proof of a BIGFOOT. I will post pictures as soon as I get to office this afternoon as this will end all debate as to the existance of this creature.*****


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It looks like it walking up right and it pushed that branch like a person would. Compare both pics, The older pic shows the branch. the newer one you have to look for the bend in it, but it is there. I would tend to lend towards Black Bear.

Cool pics thank you sharing.


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the legs look really long. did you not get any pictures of it going or coming? it had to have stayed in the frame for a few moments
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It looks like someone is in a costume trying to pull your leg to me.
I would also think that but the trail camera was on a scrape that he had found while he was walking around in the middle of the pines. He was the only one that knew where it was and it had only been there since the weekend before.

If it was at his stand where he always hunts I would easily think it was a prank. Also this was during the middle of the week when nobody was there.

We went back the next day to where his camera was and saw several good size 4" trees that had the tops broken out of them at about 6 feet high for no apparent reason.

We have 2 guys from out of state in our club that when they saw the picture swear that they both seen it a few weeks before while they were driving into camp late one night, said it crossed the dirt road in front of them and they were stunned. Said they didn't mention it because they didn't want to be laughed at.

Don't know .....Just sayin....:huh:

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My camp is in the same area and last year one of the pipe line workers SWEARS he saw a bear on the property. I didn't believe him but now I'm not so sure.


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I would guess bear.
Quite a few bears were captured on camera in Oglethorpe and Wilkes county last year.
It made front page news in the paper for a while then became common knowledge.


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i dont think its a prank because it appears there is a reflection of the eye from the flash, i dont think that would occur if it were somebody. Its probably a bear but something about it still looks weird.