What is it?.....UPDATE.....PROOF.....New pic Added...


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Well, apparently this forum has eyes. Received a phone call yesterday from the D.N.R. asking if they could meet at my office and see the picture.

Arrived at the office yesterday and they were already here and when I let them see the picture they didn't seem to be shocked. They say I am the second person to get a picture like this in Wilkes County.

Well... a long story short, me and my buddy are on the way to Tignall to meet them at the camera site this morning at 9:00 a.m. to show them around.

He said last night that he would copy the pictures from the card and return it to me today. Hopefully I can post pics after lunch.
I'm sorry to say this but i'm beginning to seriously doubt your story.:huh:
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Just leaving Wilkes County, the D.N.R. has taken 100 or more pictures of the scene. Has taken hair samples and molds of tracks found at the location.

He also gave back my card so I will post pics as soon as I get back.


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Prank. Done this before, use to cross the rural roads here in s fla. leading into the woods. All you need to make the eyes shine is a piece of reflective tape. We got stuck in the woods for 2 hours one night when 15 cars were searching for "skunkape."
I bet the card was erased, to cover up the DNR involvement. This is to protect the breeding of Bigfoots in the area.:pop:
That's good enough for me. I'm convinced-I now believe without a doubt! :bounce:
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