What is it?.....UPDATE.....PROOF.....New pic Added...

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that made my day!


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Why is this in the deer hunting section and not in one of those "drivelers" threads in the campfire section???:huh:
A buddy of mine got these pictures a couple of years ago on his trail cam, needless to say we were all very shocked when he got back to camp and we looked at the weeks pictures.

These pictures have been on my laptop for 3 years now and I've just figured out how to get them off and loaded on my office computer so I could post them here and see if you guys can tell us what it is.

I've attached some other photos for size comparison. I don't think it is a bear, but then again I'm have no clue what it is.

I do know that after these pictures were seen nobody would stay in their stand until dark and nobody would leave to go to their stand until it was well after daylight.

I was kind of leery about putting it on here with all the Bigfoot bashers, but I don't know how else to explain it. The pictures are from Wilkes County down around Tignall.

*****Pulled card from camera yesterday afternoon, we now have absolute proof of a BIGFOOT. I will post pictures as soon as I get to office this afternoon as this will end all debate as to the existance of this creature.*****

Before I blow an hour readin this whole thread, I'd just like to say the black creature's fur sure is shiney like polyester from a costume rather than flat black like an animals....
Ok, it took way less than an hour for me to read that.

And, I kinda wish that last photo was not there. Makes it look like I was some kind of "know it all" (not that I am, right?) who saw the last photo, then made my first post to make me look really smart. :)