What is this?

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Found this on the side of dad's arrowhead collection that I inheareted. It is about 15 inches long. Do not know what it is made of? Some kind of spear? rps20190107_202304.jpg rps20190107_202219.jpg rps20190107_202056.jpg rps20190107_202304.jpg rps20190107_202219.jpg rps20190107_202056.jpg


Looks like a foreshaft for an arrow.


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But this artifact is as crude as any pics I have seen of yanone. I would consider it possibly being a barbed fish gig. You can go to arrowheadology. The forum has a thread for unidentified artifacts and they have a ton of collective knowledge.
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Do not know what material it is made of. Only found it last night. My dad has been Vietnam but not Japan.

I tapped it against a door knob and it didn't sound like metal. Whatever it is I find it interesting.
Some of the South American tribes make wood arrowheads/foreshafts like that.
That was what I thought. Saw a show where they found a roman spear tip... looked just like it.
Could it be? Was this the "Curse of Oak Island" show? Could it be that JonathanG2013 has found evidence that the Romans were here? And references to the Templars and the 90 ft stone? Could it be?

(No insult meant, just a funny reference if the quoted member happens to watch the same show I do)