What is this?

Could it be? Was this the "Curse of Oak Island" show? Could it be that JonathanG2013 has found evidence that the Romans were here? And references to the Templars and the 90 ft stone? Could it be?

(No insult meant, just a funny reference if the quoted member happens to watch the same show I do)
Yeah that was it.

I'll admit I love that show. Probably, accounted for half of the tv I watched over Christmas break with my visiting pop

I had a boss of mine from 20 yrs ago and his twin come to hunt my farm last year. They know those guys.

I look at it kinda like the hunting bigfoot show. Most of the entertainment of the show is the spinning up of your imagination.

ETA- I am turning into a year-shaver in my old age. Boss was from 28 years ago not 20.
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