What is your take on allowing the black bear population to expand?

Northwest Ga has room for more. Walker, Gilmer, Floyd, Chattooga, Dade counties all have room. Between the National Forestry lands, WMAs and large undeveloped private tracts I think the bear would thrive. From Taylor's Ridge to Sand Moutain there's plenty of room bear habitat.
Is the state of GA too developed or populated for a larger bear population?
Most of the people population in georgia is centered around atlanta, augusta, etc... lots of country with low population outside of the mountains n s ga swamps where bears thrive now. Look at places like new jersey and florida and other yankee states with huge populations and sizable bear populations. Lots of room to expand but why i guess?
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"allow and support" suggests they would take an active approach. The first thing that comes to mind is relocating trapped bears from high density areas to low.
Only thing I see in the plan regarding relocation is taking a few female bears and releasing them into the central bear population to expand the genetics there.

But I'm not sure its a good idea to encourage bears to expand as far south as I-20
Is the state of GA too developed or populated for a larger bear population?
Unless they are talking about middle or south Georgia, yes, I would think it is, they are already showing up in Acworth, Dallas and other suburbs, if the population continues to grow in N Ga it will become a problem when they start rummaging through all the trash cans in the subdivisions.
I hunt the Oconee national forest in jasper county on the ocmulgee river. There is a growing population not far in twiggs co. down river approx 30 mi. You would think with the populations stabilizing North, mid, and south ga we would see some. Couple years ago I thought I saw one right at dark and told myself it had to be a hog but the way it moved told me bear. This past year I read an article in gon about the bear cub found by bird hunters in jasper co. on the Oconee. Kinda confirmed my bear theory. So in my opinion i believe they slowly but surely are expanding and another game animal in the woods down here is ok with me. My compliant would be the impact it would have on our deer fawn recruitment by another predator roaming the deer woods.