What State?

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How's it going everyone? Dad promised me a hunt this spring as a graduation present and I am trying to schedule it around my Spring Break soo... What state comes in first? If you could hunt any state for anything BESIDES the Eastern, what state would you hunt? Thanks guys!
I've always said Florida but here lately, I'd love to hunt the Merriams in South Dakota. That country is beautiful up there from what I've seen in pictures and the turkey himself is the prettiest of all the subspecies. You won't go wrong with any of these suggestions though.


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Hawaii comes in March 1st. They have Rio Grande turkeys, and it's an AWESOME place to hunt! Get Dad to spring for this trip, and your Mom can go along, too...it's a win-win situation for the whole family!!


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Merriams are my favorite but you might want to consider Texas if this is your first travel hunt.

If you pick the right hunt you're more likely to be on multiple birds and it's physically an easier hunt not that the latter matters

The terrain has a rugged beauty of it's own.


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Assuming your spring break is during the usual early to mid March time frame, that limits your choices considerably.

FL and HI are probably your only "non-eastern" choices.