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We have a censor in place, but this does not excuse the one typing those words, even when the censor catches it.

Posts containing personal attacks or harassing, inflammatory, vulgar, abusive, threatening, sexually-oriented, hateful, or obscene language are prohibited on this Forum. Posts violating this prohibition will be removed. A member who violates this prohibition may be banned from the Forum. This prohibition includes attempts to alter words or phrases to avoid technical violation of the rules. The Forum will act more harshly toward those who intended to achieve a violation of the intent of the Forum rules by "typing around the censors" (TAC) by replacing vulgarity with phrases, symbols, or words such as "!@&)!@$*" or typing profanity in reverse order, etc. If you cannot communicate without using profanity or vulgarity then this is not the place for you. If you occasionally feel the need to be emphatic about making your point then use one or more of the many emoticons we have available, but do not resort to profanity. Acronyms that contain abbreviated forms of unfit language or profanity will not be tolerated.