What you looking at

I love when the deer do their best to pose for photos on my property. Over the years, I have even had them lick the camera lens as well. For whatever reason, the deer seem to love looking at my cameras as if they are really curious about them. One thing for sure is that the deer are not spooked by any IR flash type camera either as I do have a mixture of both the IR and the Black Out/Lights Out cameras. I have changed the card out on a camera one week and pull it the next weekend and find out that a buck walked up and stood and stared into the lens from only a foot or so away less than 30 minutes after I checked it. I don't cover my scent when I am checking my cameras either as I always wear cologne and also deodorant before I leave home.

I uploaded a total of 4,372 photos from this past week and I didn't check all of them again this weekend. It felt like it was 120 °F in the shade yesterday afternoon and a couple of my cameras actually were showing, 116 °F and also 123 °F on them. I was soaking wet when I drove home and finally got a cold shower to help me cool off.

These particular photos below are from just 7 of my camera locations that were taken during the past week.

One thing for sure it that the deer were moving at all hours of the day and night this past week and I did see 4 more bucks that I had not seen this year at all. I also had photos of several bucks already fighting like crazy too this past week.

T-CAM # 2 UPPER            10-6-18 111.JPG T-CAM 2 B            10-6-18 013.JPG T-CAM 2 B            10-6-18 014.JPG T-CAM # 4 POND - A            10-6-18 189.JPG T-CAM # 3 POND            10-6-18 034.JPG T-CAM # 2 A - 1            10-6-18 018.JPG T-CAM # 1 - C            10-6-18 198.JPG T-CAM # 1 - C            10-6-18 199.JPG T-AM # 1 IS-W-1            10-6-18 071.JPG