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OK since my GA & PA deer seasons were a bust I'm thinking of hunting turkey for the first time. As wiley as these birds seem I think I need some schooling. What is the minimum gear needed for a neophite? I have a 12 gauge autoloader but it's not camo and I have camo clothes not a full suit like you see those guys on TV with.. callers I am clueless on what to look for and how to use one... Any recommendations ....?


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Don't know if this is the "bare-nekkid" minimum, but it worked for me some years back: A single shot 20ga and handful of 2-3/4" #4s, some old army issue woodland camo (badly faded if available), a Penn's Woods box caller (preferably with a cracked lid and some blue chalk you "borrowed" from wood shop), a copied Ben Rodgers Lee tape, and a ton of patience!!

Seriously; the best advice I can offer is to spend time in the woods, focus on woodsmanship, learn all you can about the bird's habits, and if you get the chance to go with someone with a little experience, take them up on it. Don't worry about fancy gear or the guys on TV.

Get you a box call to start with, I prefer the Lynch Foolproof or the World Champion.

Learn how to Yelp and Cluck, those 2 calls will get the job done.

Get you a face mask and gloves in a light weight material.

If your gun has changeable chokes buy you an Extra Full.

Get a box of #5's.

A pad to sit on would come in handy too.

You should be able to do all of the above for around $90!


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I carry varoius mouth diaphram calls and a slate with different pegs. I use the diaphrams when I am working bird and he is coming. I use the slate when he is still on the roost and I feel I can move more. Sometimes I even use both at the same time to mimic 2 hens in the area. I travel alot so I am always practicing with my mouth calls. Remember, if you practice with any type of friction calls, do it with your gloves on. If not when you are in the woods, it will a have totally different feel.
My best advice is to listen to the hens and copy thier rythem. If they are going kep, kep, and you are going kep, kep, kep, kep, kep, ole boss tom knows something is up!!
Also, my teacher told me a gobbler knows exactly where you are after your first call and he answers. He can also see a tick on tree at a 100 yards. DON'T MOVE. You will, and we all do. But DON'T MOVE.
Good luck. Read everything you can about turkeys and their habits.


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Also, learn how to hoot like a owl or buy a owl call. Turkeys will usaully gobble at just about anything but I like use an owl call as a locater call.


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Go with someone who has been doing it awhile and who has a few toms to his/her credit.

Going with and watching an experienced hunter will be like learning in light years.



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thanks for the input folks... I'm going to BP this week to look at turkey calls and maybe a video or two..
Al33 said:
Go with someone who has been doing it awhile and who has a few toms to his/her credit.

Going with and watching an experienced hunter will be like learning in light years.

This is the best advice you can get. It is a slow process learning on your own.

Don't get over whelmed at BPS with all the different calls. Pick up a push button call and a box call ( I like the Lynch Fool Proof for a beginner) and master these before you go to something else. Keep your calling simple to start with. A yelp, cluck and purr has killed many a turkey. I have called a bunch in with nothing but a cluck and purr ( a push button will make it perfect). Calling is pretty easy to learn. Patience is the hardest thing to master ( I still haven't). Patience will do more to get you a Turkey than anything else IMO.

Good luck!
Also if you don't have someone to go with you can learn alot by watching videos. I'd suggest the Knight and Hale "Ultimate Spring" series videos. Harold and David are the best in my opinion.


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Michael it was over for me before it started :mad: But thats another story.. I'm about to go bonkers without hunting something.... :banginghe I'm even thinkin about crow hunting... I've enough already :D
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Let's get together one afternoon on a weekend and I'll help you get started. Al has the right idea. Go with somebody who has done it for a while. They can save you a lot of time.

Actually I have a better idea. Lets set up a turkey hunting get together one weekend before season starts. There are a lot of guys here that have a lot of experience. We should all get together and have some lunch and spend a day talking turkey. Who's in?

We could meet at somebodys house or I have a little lake down near Thomaston we could sit by and talk turkey!

Anybody want to do this before season starts?


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when yer up here for christmas...look me up and I'll loan you a few VHS tapes that give you the basics on calling.


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Sounds good to me Randy.. Just name the place & time...

Rich we will be in Cranberry Twp Dec 22 so maybe the 23rd would be a good day... It's a short trip right after Christmas (27th) I have to haul it back to GA to work... ::huh:


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Dave...Let me check the wife's schedule. You said you'll be with your youngest Granddaughter? If my wife is working...I could bring my daughter along.

I work the 23rd...but I'll have to eat dinner...

you ever have wings and beer? :p


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Try to find somebody to take you a time or two before you set out on your own.



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i second...or third...whatever..go with somebody that knows what they are doing i went with my uncle several times last season..he even helped me get a bird, but man i still cannot call with a diaphram...i find it tricky to make all those combinations and some of the clucks.....take time and a good turkey hunter to learn from.