What's the best catch dog?

I like pitts because they have alot of heart and wont let go once locked u just have to be carefull not to get one thats crazy or ill u will weed through alot of them but when u get a good one youll have a catch dog i recomened raiseing one from a pup and socializing it as much as possible with otheir dogs treat it good mine can be boxed with any thing and she wont start any trouble unless u box her with a hog
Any dog that will grab and hold, haha

I like to use pit/american bulldog , got some leg under them and for a little guy like me a medium sized catch dog works great.
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Catch dog

Anybody using full American Bulldogs? What's your opinion of them?
Take a look at the Argentina Dogo. The dog is white and looks like a giant pitbull. Very gritty, great stamina, roughly 100 pounds and totally fearless. A pair of them will take down most any hog.
Look them up on the internet.
I saw somone in our area had some dogo pups for sale In the IWANNA couldnt see the number or price.. THey are a little more costly but I have heard a lot of good things about them..
I saw a trio of Dogo's in Texas that were unstopable. Pits are the best bang for the buck from all that I have witnessed. Good and cheap and they seem to take well to training too.


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I tried em all back in the 60's and 70's. Best I ever had were a cross between airedale and redbone hound. Very smart and follows commands well. Never had to sew one of em up. Worse hog dogs I experienced were bulldogs. Some would catch on a hog anywhere, and would absolutely butcher small hogs. Sometimes they would even catch one another.


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I seriously looked into dogo's. Heard alot of them won't catch. The folks selling them will tell you anything to make a buck. One lady I know in Texas said you go thru a lot of them to get one that is any good. She said a better cross was a dogo and A.B. or pit.
I knew that would want more than I would be willing to pay. I bought a Razors Edge/Gaff cross Fawn colored PB pup from Buckga and he is about 50 lbs of Major Pain... He catches as good as any dog I ve got and seems to be socializing well with all my dogs and family. I don't turn him in on a hog without the other pups baying . He will learn that when I cut him loose to baying dogs that he has a job to do on the other end.
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Catch dog

That is a good strategy. I like it when they know to go to the bay. Brian is checking to see if BuckGa has anymore pups out of that cross. He said they were jam up.