What's the weirdest thing you've found while hunting?

Parts of a plane where it had crashed a long time ago, last year went back and pointed out a wing piece to my daughter most of it had been covered with pine straw and leaves.

Had a hog dog find a fresh killed dawn deer in the woods covered in palmettos it looked so fake not a hair out of place
Naked women, cavorting couples, whiskey stills, and pot fields. I need to get out of the house more often. There is adventure in them there woods.


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I was walking along the edge of a field to my stand early one morning a few years ago, there was a hard frost on the ground; the kind where the grass crunches when you walk. I saw some substance deep in the grass faintly glowing, like lighting bugs. It looked like moss. I thought I was seeing things for a long time, but have later found out that there really are some forms of moss that glows, but at the time it was freaky!


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Found a wallet one morning while rabbit hunting. It had several hundred dollars worth of concert tickets inside and the concert was playing that evening. Called the owner of the wallet and he could not believe it. He had lost it a couple weeks earlier and had no idea where. He was so excited to get it back.

Found 4 Polaroid pictures of a nude woman posing. Pics were wedged in the fork of a tree. :huh:

Another time while rabbit hunting, I came into an area and could hear a high pitched beeping sound. Took me quite a while to pinpoint the source of it. As I moved leaves and dirt away, I found a pager. I called the numbers on it but nobody would tell me who owned it. :huh:
You know it's a good thread when it's 7 years old and going strong. I don't remember ever commenting on this, and I don't have time to check right now. But, in addition to plenty of the more common things listed here, I do have one thing yet to be mentioned. A while back, I was hunting a food plot. I was in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest ungated road. So, there's no possible way I could be walked or driven in on. However, a helicopter from the distance kept getting closer and closer to me. He flew past me and turned around. He lowered his altitude to the point I thought it was quite odd. He gets closer and closer, then LANDS in the food plot. He jumps out, takes a leak, then takes off again. Just my luck.
A few years ago I am hunting in the early morning. I get to my stand in the dark and set up. As dawn breaks I can see a piece of a orange tape or old vest on the ground about 50 yards away. I think it strange and resolve to go pick it up after I hunt. About 30 minutes later the piece of orange"gets up" and it was a poacher laying on the ground in orange camo?!? Good thing I didn't shoot but I whistle to him as he he left. Idiot.
I was on my way back to my truck from hunting one day and came upon a tomb stone. In the middle of the woods! pretty far away from any houses. It was a fairly new looking stone (marble) it had a man and girls names on it I assume his daughter, they died one day apart. I don't know how it got there marble is very heavy, no way to get a truck in there. I know it freaked me out when i walked upon it:hair:


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This is my favorite thread, no doubt. Please keep it going
Yep - very interesting thread.

May I post a recent experience, with the disclaimer that I was hiking and not hunting?

Last week, I'm exloring, and I see something white hanging on a tree limb. As I get closer, I see that it's a white plastic coat hanger with some kind of label or paper on it. Getting closer, I see handwriting on the paper. I'm starting to think it might be like those little crosses you see beside a road, with someone's name on it, as a memorial of where a loved one got killed. I'm starting to think that maybe someone's kid died there. My heart is sinking as I go closer to read it. Then the hair on the back of my neck stands up, I put my right hand to what's on my hip, and I start looking around in alarm, right after I read...."I need to wear women's panties. 404-XXX-YYYY".

I started feeling pretty nauseous and was hoping I didn't have to prevent a "Deliverance" moment. It's a good thing someone didn't happen upon me then by accident, because he may have gotten shot.
I found a 12 pack of bud in a iced down cooler and a bag full of turkey calls when i was scouting some property in Indiana 2 weeks before turkey season.Drank the 12 and still have the calls.It was on private property and i was the only one with hunting rights.Also called the game warden.
Enjoyed reading this thread! Ill add mine. I was duck hunting on the Georgia coast with a few friends from college. I don't remember the exact location but I know we put the boat in at champney landing and went towards the I ocean. We had hunted that morning and were spending the rest of the day to ride around and look. Suddenly I had the urge to go real bad like the twelve pack and pile of seafood from BJ's the night before had started a mutiny in my gut. We saw this island or maybe just land I couldn't tell that had a nice beach as opposed to marsh grass everywhere so I went for it. The other guys stayed in the boat I took care I business. While walking back to the boat I notice that there are rabbit droppings everywere I mean all over everything there would have had to been a small army if rabbits to produce these pellets. Bout that time I see a small shack so me and my buddies walk over there and inside the shack is covered with rabbit droppings. Then I notice a buried snapper lawn mower with just the handle bars sticking out of the sand. I'm kinda scratching my head wondering what's up with this place and we all got creeped out and left. Never saw a single rabbit there either. Anybody know anything about it?
Me and a friend were hunting off the altamaha a while back. We took his boat and was coming back to the landing, and came up on to a bunch of kayakers. So we went by slowly, not to wake them, and then continued on. Around the next bend, we cam up on 300+ coming down the river! We decided to pull up on the sand bar and wait for them to pass. When we got up to the sandbar, i decided to do some exploring into the treeline. Came up on a good amount of hog sign and droppings, so i went back to the boat, and retrieved my rifle. Went back and heard a lot of crunching, and cracking coming down the trail i was on. Ibacked into the bushes, took a knee, and waited at the ready for what i thought may be a big hog coming my way. Ended up being a kayaker, looking for a place to take a dump! When i came out of the bushes, in full camo, i scared the you-know-what right out of him!He screamed like a little girl, turned and ran back to the other end where he came from. I have never laughed so hard !


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A friend of mine in college was diving in a golf course pond retrieving golf balls (he did this to make extra money). He found a car with a dead woman in it. She had a heart attack and ran off the road into the pond with no trace. The family and authorities had been searching for her and had no clues.
picked up eighty something dollars scattered in the leaves and partially weathered on a high ridge on dawson forest several years ago . had to take to the bank but since it had both serial numbers they made it good
found lots of things while deerhunting at different wma's in alabama. a rusty antique horseshoe. skinned a deer once and found a pellet from a pellet rifle in him. a few arrowheads. a grunt call and several other hunting items. but here's the three most interesting: I found a rusty old cannon ball. found an overgrown shack nowhere even remotely near any road or trail of any type. and i know where there's a hill on top on a hill that doesnt seem to fit. its probably 50 yds x 20 yards in area and maybe 15 ft high. has mature trees growing on it that mach the trees around it. it looks man-made like maybe an indian mound or something. anyhow. i'll post pictures of the cabin maybe tomorrow but my last visit to the mound was before they invented the camera phone. think any if the same people are reading these posts? hope the thread stays alive i've enjoyed it.