What's up with the city deer?

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I live in the city limits of Atlanta. In the past year I have had two deer take up residence in my back yard for 1 month and have seen 3 road kills within 1 mile from my house. The latest was today...there is about a six point laying dead in the road on 75 north just south of the river. There is also a dead spotted fawn on the interchange between 285 west and 75 south. A few months back there was a dead doe on Paces Ferry Road, This wouldn't be that unusual except this is occuring 5 minutes from downtown. Is this an indication of the deer herd or encroachment into deer habitat? ::huh:


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definitely encroachment on deer habitat!!!!

"With out proper management wildlife becomes your next hood ornament" ------Duramax


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It could be an indication of people speeding. Deer can avoid most cars going the speed limit of 55 mph. As the speed increases the death rate rises.Well wouldn't you think so.