whats ya'll favorite north Ga. trout fly?

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just wondering what ya'lls favorite fly for north Ga. trout was


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San Juans and Y2Ks when all else fails. But EHC is my favorite dry and Bead Head Caddis Nymph for get'm deep.


Bead head nymph always was my "fall back"


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Y2K's, flashback Pheasant Tails and Wooly Buggers. Elk Hair Caddis, Humpy and Stimulator for dries.
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Nice selection of flies i like a adams parachute,or a Blue wing olive in dry flies and for nymphs i like a beadhead prince and a stone fly nymph or a hares ear nymph
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Call me crazy but I like a mayfly in some of these streams in North Georgia, and gotta love a EHC.
#20 BWO parachute style with a sparkle Baetis emerger dropper.

Favorite? Well it's not my "go to" fly or "skunk deterrent", but I ablsolutely love fishing a hopper. I've got a lot of trophy trout off of hoppers in North Georgia streams. I guess it's the old bass fisherman in me, because they don't sip these big bugs. Plus you can slap a dropper on them and catch those picky fish.

Many of the flies above are my starter flies to just get a few fish to hand, but then I go for big boys. A muddler minnow fished downstream with a split shot is best option I've thrown for big trout. I've had them almost yank the rod out of my hand.
It's not as graceful as throwing an EHK on 2wt, but it'll get that adrenaline pumping!