When and where

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Looking to take an offshore trip .. probably in the Gulf.

So y’all have any recommendations for

— When
— Where
— Guides



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What is your budget and species you want to target?


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For huge wahoo and tuna
Venice la
Fish Venice charters

Bottom fishing
Destin FL
Charter boat twilight
I'll second Fish Venice Charters. I haven't been out in February, but have done well with them in April and October. Great guys, and they put you on the tuna.


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Offshore: Venice LA
Big yellows around the shrimp boats
Mexican Gulf Fishing Co or
Captain Eddie Burger
Nick Stanzick
Inshore: Venice LA
Reel Tite Chartes
Captain Boola and Captain Rock.
The Venice area has the best inshore fishing anywhere in the US. 100 reds a day is common. Trout are off the chain also.


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Captain Eddie owns fish Venice charters and he is the best down there. The inshore fishing down there is best in the country. Not only can you keep keep 5 and 15 trout per person you can expect to catch that plus more. There are a couple guides that offer red snapper options onto your inshore trip for a reasonable cost in the summer. You can literally catch 10-15 pound snapper 2 miles out the out of their river in a bay boat! My personally favorite is smashing a limit of ducks in the morning followed By trout and reds in the evening durnjnb December and January!!!!