Where can I find?

Have they ever made it? I'm not sure I have ever seen it.

Try loading it yourself. If you buy new primed hulls, the only equipment you need is a roll crimper and a drill or drill press. I've been playing with loading some 3.5" 000. They have shown some promise. My gun shoots the remington 00 loads so well that I haven't really bothered to look for anything else. But when I run out, I hope to find load that works well so I don't have to buy any more $12 boxes of shells.
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At one time they did. Done a google search and best I can tell they quit around 2008. but I'll look into the primed shells.
Shot 1s for several years and they still patern best of all in my gun but i also left some toten them too. We killed 2 last year with 1s in them 1 was a good buck with a 1 right there in the back of his gord. I remeber shooting him too. If they would make them in the tungsten, i would swap back in a heart beat if its as bad as they say it is. They just need a hair more booyow behind
them to get through them bucks. I killed one of the best bucks i ever killed with 1s at about 40 yards though, and all we found was 1 pellet in his neck and 1 in a lung. But if it had hit a rib instead of going between them i might have called him a miss.


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No need for #1 in tungsten. 4mm is way above any lead buckshot made. I now shoot 2 2/3" 1oz at 1400fps. It's murder on anything.