Where do they go during rain storm??

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Me and a buddy went hunting this morning in the pouring rain, i brought the 3 trail dogs and he brought the catch dogs. We went to some state land i hunt a good bit. All morning it rained and rained, we didnt see any print or anything fresh, dont know if we could if we wanted to. Figured they would be bedded down in this wonderful weather, so we headed to a real swampy bottom where the hogs hung out when it was hot earlier this month. Hunted down it for about 30 minutes then saw the first pig track and some decent rooting. Not long after that my catahoula opened and about as soon as it started they caught. Came up to a nice big sow with most the dogs on her, she was under a fallen tree and my kemmer and a pitt had a little boar caught under a bush not 10 feet away. So all in all great morning. :cheers: