Where is it legal to discharge a firearm?


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Where is it legal to discharge a firearm?

Or maybe it would be better to ask, Where is it illegal to discharge a firearm?



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Usually inside city limits its illegal, in most neigborhood you cant shoot in your backyard even if no house is behind you,
And lastly and this I know for sure, In a Court House...lol

Within any City limits you can not discharge firearms. You have to be in or under County jurisdiction, not sure about unincorporated areas.
Some subdivisions prohibit discharging firearms in their covenants. It's not a crime, but you could be fined.

Some very few counties have regulations on the discharge of firearms, most do not.

Most cities have some restriction.

WMA's have restrictions.


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Thanks guys.
best rule of thumb, if you think it might be illegal to shoot somewhere, it probobly is!
a guy i know got fined $1500 for discharging a firearm in city limits. they bout took him to jail. did i mention it was a pellet gun?? i guess those are considered big boy guns now