Where to buy shark steaks?

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When we lived in Hawaii, we ate shark probably ever two weeks or so and loved it. I haven't been able to find it in years.

Anybody know a good online ship to your door kind of place or local place around Atlanta, Gainesville or Athens that has fresh shark?


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Farmers markets carry them, I'm not sure if they carry it every day.

Buford Farmers Market in Doraville
H Mart in Gwinnett, Doraville

Couple places for you to start your search.
the local publix has mako sharks, and you can go to the assi mart or super h mart and they have anything you want
harry's is now whole foods.

whole foods is the place to go. dont know about yall's publix, but ours doesnt handle fish well. its never fresh, and allways has a strong fishy odor. and when buying fish, it shouldnt smell.