Where's the Tom?

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Was out scouting land this afternoon for deer I recently have been seein an came across 15-20 turkeys cruising up a ridge line. I had stopped they walked less than 10 yards in front of me had watched and followed them for awhile. Quite a few 3 4 foot with large bodies. However did not see 1 Tom? If these turkeys stick around for the upcoming season can I expect the Tom to be with the flock or wait for him to come to these birds? Any suggestions?


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Hens and gobblers don't mingle as much in the winter months.....Come spring if theres gobblers around, they will find those hens...

Kevin Farr

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They are all at their batchelor party living it up before they get married this spring. :D:D:D

As mentioned above, the boys and the girls don't hang around each other too much right now, but if you got the girls, you'll have the boys when it's time. :shoot: