Which caliber for my son.

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My boy will be 8 this November and my goal is to let him kill his first deer this year. I’m gonna buy him a “budget “ gun and get him shooting it in the next week or two.

Wondering which caliber would be the best for him? I’ve always heard of kids shooting .243’s and 7mm-08’s so that’s kinda what I have in mind now but would like to hear some opinions. Thanks


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Ar15 in 6.5 Grendel, or 223 with the right bullet. The adjustable stock and better shooting with light recoil make all the difference


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I received a 7mm-08 as a scrawny 9 year old. Did the job nicely for many years. it was topped with a 3-9x32 when i received it, which i upgrated to a 3-9x40 in high school. I'm a firm believer in more scope than is "needed". Aim small, miss small.

.243 would also do well, but the 7mm-08 always left a better blood trail than the .243 I have in my hunting rifle rotation does.

There is not much difference in recoil. I used full powered rounds out of my 7-08 and it was not an issue.

Jim Boyd

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If you can find an older Savage youth model in 7-08, it should do him a great job.

Mine has not been used in a great many years now, but I have one with the factory muzzle brake and accutrigger and it is very deadly.

I added a Sims pad and it is a very soft and highly accurate rifle. Maybe not sub MOA but very close.

Running a 139 Barnes, it was a death ray on deer.

Good luck whichever way you go.


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A few years ago, we purchased a Ruger American in .243 to get the Grands started. Nice enough rifle and plenty accurate. While I would normally say the 7/08 is a better choice, as a first rifle I do like the .243 as it's a crossover cartridge, usable for varmints and deer as well. It will always be useful, in that respect, even when he moves "up" in caliber at some point. If I was buying today, I'b be sure to check out the Mossberg Patriot with wood stock, and I'm guessing I'd lean that way today.

Best of luck with whatever you choose.



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i've never killed but one deer w/ 243 but i've shot enough foxes , coyotes , steel, water jugs to say , never underestimate the ability of a .243. it's a bad mammy jammy w/ a very wide choice of ammo and i know any kid that wants to hunt will not care about that little kick . i shot 20 ga. single barrel w/ magnum loads@ rabbits when i was a kid , the kick wasn't ever even thought about. heck, i liked it , that and the smell

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If you’re just buying a budget gun, then get him a 30/30. Don’t worry about a scope or anything else. He’s 9 and will be hunting with you anyways. More than likely have a rest. And I’m hoping he’s already got a BB gun or pellet gun so he should be used to regular sights.
After he gets a few under his belt and decides that’s what he likes, then go buy something he can hunt with the rest of his life.
Bought my son the gun/caliber of his choice when he turned 18 or 19 and he picked a Ruger American LH in 7mm’08. He swears by that gun and caliber. He’s taken a limit every year with it.