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I am looking for a foot control motor to go on a 16' tracker panfish. Around 40 -50 # thrust. which one has give you th best service.

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Buy a minn kota. They are far better than motor guide in my opinion. I have used several types of both brands and the minn kota performs twice as good.


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i've used minn kotas for close to 30 years, and have nothing but praise for them...and they've gotten better and better every year...

i have a minn kota maxxum (12 volts/50 lbs thrust) on my boat and have had ZERO trouble out of it in 4 years....you can't beat it with a stick....and i punish it...
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I just bought the Minn Kota AT55. Its a 55# 12volt. So far I have no complaints and its pushing my 18' with no problem


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You can't beat that flexible shaft.


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If space for the foot controller is a concern, I have one of the Minn Kota models with the small electric direction pad. It works good for me. It is not as precise as a cable driven model, but on my small john boat, it works great. It does have an electric motor that turns the shaft, which does use up battery, and make a little noise. I have 3 Minn Kota's, and I don't have a single complaint.