White Powder Wonder??

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Found this old shotgun in my great uncles house after he died a few years ago.. wondering what it is. The only thing it says is "white powder wonder" above the trigger. I believe it is a 20 gauge single shot. Any1 know anything about it? who made it? how old?



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Need a better picture but it is very very close to an Iver Johnson's Champion Single Barrel Hammer Shotgun. Made 1909 - 1973
Also, New Model Iver Johnson Champion Single Barrel Shotgun and sold under the names Excel and Monitor.
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Check out a website Shotgunworld.com lots of info like this:

The "New White Powder Wonder" was made by the Crescent Fire Arms Co. if produced before 1919 and by the J. Stevens Arms Co. if it was made after 1919. Single barreled shotguns, such as yours, that are so marked were made by the W. H. Davenport Arms Company circa 1891 to 1910.

The trade name White Powder Wonder was used by a number of companies. It was used by the Cescent Fire Arms Company, The W.H. Davenport Arms Company, The Meriden Fire Arms Company - Fyrberg type single, and the J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company who produced them for Sears, Roebuck & Co. You can find additional info on these companies by searching my answers to previous questions.